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"Discover How To Get Your Ex Back In Just 60 Days From Now - Even If They're With Someone Else!"

"Would you like to learn a simple five step process that will show you how to get your ex back within the next 60 days - even if they're with someone else - and save hundreds of dollars in expensive counselling fees?"

Dear Brokenhearted,

I know that you're feeling pretty broken hearted right now...but do you know that you don't have to?

95% Of Break Ups Are Fully Reversible!

....Would you like yours to be one of them?

I'd really like to help you do that because I'm guessing you're emotionally not in a very good place.

Do any of these situations fit in with what you're feeling?


you have trouble getting out of bed and doing normal day to day things?

do you have trouble eating?

are you having trouble sleeping?

have you started to isolate yourself from your friends and family?

These are pretty normal reactions after a break up that affect your day to day life....but you may also be doing a few things that are really damaging the chance of you getting back together with your ex.

Have you done any of these things recently or in the past:


begged your ex for a second chance

bombarded them with desperate text messages

turned up at places where you know they'd be at

bombarded them with phone calls that are bordering on harassment

are you driving yourself nuts overanalyzing things in your head day and night?

I want you to know something, okay?

I don't want you to feel bad, ashamed or embarrassed if you've done ANY of those things because it's perfectly normal for you to do those things.

You know why?

Because you're really hurting and you really love that person and just want to totally erase the break up and just get back together and be happy with them.

I mean, we all learn a hell of a lot of school but wouldn't you have liked to have learnt about relationships....

...about falling in love, and then breaking up (without falling apart)?

Yeah, that'd be pretty valuable stuff I reckon but it's one of those important things - like money handling - that kids aren't taught at school.

Break ups are really really tough...they're tough on the one that's dumped but I reckon they're also pretty tough on the one who does the dumping too in most cases (so don't think your ex has gotten off scott free because they haven't either).

I've found also that the stuff on the internet is pretty lacking too.

I spent a couple of months looking for decent break up reversal help (because I want to help as many people as possible get back together) but I have to say I was very disappointed.

There's a little out there but what I've found isn't worth risking your relationship on.

I mean, look at how you're feeling today?

You're really desperate to get your ex back, right? That's how you found my website, isn't it?

You'd practically do anything to wipe the slate clean, erase the memory and plan your future together, am I right?

In fact, I'd be so bold as to say that...

it's probably something that you think about 20 times a day or more

(That's perfectly normal too, by the way).

That's why I'm really stoked that you've found my relationship repair website because I'd really like to help you.

Remember how I said that I spent a couple of months surfing the net looking for the best info on getting back together?

Well, not all of it was crap.

In fact, I stumbled upon something, almost by accident, and I'd really love to share it with you.

It's called The Ex Back System by Brian Bold

I'll give you a bit of background about the system because it's actually quite interesting.

See Brian's friend Cathy had broken up with her husband and was really totally messing up getting back together with him. Then Brian's relationship went under too and Cathy and Brian became like confidants on the phone, if you know what I mean (you might have one of those too)

Then one day Brian called Cathy and she told him that her husband had come back. While Brian was happy for Cathy, his relationship was still over and he was pretty down, naturally, and Cathy told him what she'd done.

Apparently he took extensive notes and he put it to work in his relationship and voila it worked a treat for him too.

So Cathy and Brian got their heads together and put it down in writing, turned it into a system, and decided to share it with people worldwide who were desperate to get back with their exes too because they were so happy it had worked for them.

Now here's how the Ex Back System works. It's 5 steps really....
Step 1 - You're gonna learn the right way to handle your break up, no matter when it happened.

Step 2 - You're gonna learn the fastest way to heal after your break up....See, if you don't heal then even if you got back together you probably wouldn't last long anyway, know what I mean?

Step 3 - This phase is really critical - this where you start to reconnect with your ex and set the stage for getting back together.

Step 4 - This phase is everyone's favourite of course - the reconciliation phase. Here's where you leave your ex with no choice but to say "yes" to getting back together.

Step 5 - This is probably the most important of all - you've gotten back together, this phase will teach you how to stay together for good and leave the past where it belongs - in the past!
The Good Points About The Ex Back System

The Benefits


It's universal for men and women

It shows you exactly what to do no matter when you broke up, why or who broke up with who

It works if one of you cheated

It works if your ex is with someone else

It shows you how fix every mistake you've made to date

it has some really cool reverse psychology techniques that will have your ex obsessing about you for a change

it teaches you the best way to instigate first contact

It makes you infinitely more attractive to your ex

It will have your ex begging you to give them a second chance

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee - get your ex back in 60 days or it's free!

I could go on about more good points above but it'd take too long.

The Features

Well they're pretty good actually


you get instant access to The Ex Back System as there's no shipping involved (it's in pdf format)

It's in multi formats. This is pretty cool. As I stated above, it's 83 pages in pdf format of simple steps from the moment of your break up to wherever you're at now to take you through the complete process. When you download it you'll also get it in audio format so you can listen to on your mp3 player in the car, on the train, at the gym. But you'll also get it in MP4 format so that you can actually watch the videos on your Ipod if you have one - once again in the car, on the train, at the gym.

The Ex Back System is easy to read and follow

The Customer Support is excellent. I've interacted a fair bit with Brian and his helpers and they're always keen to help.

You can get instant access 24/7, 265 days a year, even if it's 2am when you're having trouble sleeping

The Bad Points About The Ex Back System

I want to give you a balanced review of The Ex Back System but to be honest with you there's not all that much I don't like about it.

It's not free, if you can call that a bad point. But if you look at the costs of what you'd spend going to weekly or fortnightly counselling sessions it's a great deal.

You need adobe reader to read the guide but you can download that free too.

It's 83 pages, as I said, which may be longer than you actually want to read BUT I don't think it's got any useless info in's all pretty valuable stuff.

Currently everything is downloaded in one large zip file (videos, audios, pdf) but I've contacted Brian about this and I understand he's going to be changing that in the near future. It's a negative for people who have to be careful with their bandwidth and have net restrictions.

You need to apply what you are taught in The Ex Back System so the onus is on YOU....Brian can't force you to do anything.
Who Is The Ex Back System For?


men and women who would love to get their ex back

people who can't afford expensive psychologist fees

people who have tried everything to get their ex back already

people who have made enough mistakes already trying to get their ex back

You're probably still a little skeptical and that's okay. Here's what happened to Jake after implementing The Ex Back System.

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